travel and tourism marketing strategies

Marketing for Hospitality and Travel Industries

With so many travel and tourism marketing strategies out there, which ones work best? Potential customers are given so many options, it has become more of a challenge to stand out with digital marketing in the tourism industry. To get in front of those viewers, your travel and tourism marketing strategies really need to catch their eye. By using professional video production, digital marketing strategies and hospitality social media marketing, you can watch new customers pour in the door. Let’s break it down a little further and view some tourism marketing campaign examples.

travel and tourism marketing strategies

Show Them Around

One of the huge benefits and reasons for tourism marketing is showing customers your business. Give them a glimpse of the experience you have to offer, all at their finger tips. Professional video production at Epic is the perfect way to give captivating visuals that create a longing to be there. With drones and 360 videos, the possibilities are truly endless.

In the decision-making process, good video marketing is what will set you apart from others. Images and text are needed, but in an industry with travel and tourism, video gets customers through the door. Whether it’s a restaurant, resort or anything else, Epic Productions has the team and equipment to make the best travel and tourism marketing strategies for you. Professional video production is our speciality and we’ve done work with industries of all shapes and sizes.

travel and tourism marketing strategies
travel and tourism marketing strategies

Be The Top Pick

Be the top pick out of all your competitors with strategic digital marketing. When in a new place, the first thing tourists will turn to is their phones to find the best places around. So how do you grab the attention of those potential customers? The simple answer: utilizing digital marketing in the tourism industry.

With a combination of a mobile-optimized website, targeted online ads and tourism marketing videos, customers are sure to find you quickly. Epic’s digital marketing team uses location targeting, perfect for travel marketing. That way when people are near your business, you’re easy to find. So long the days of customers passing you by!

Engage and Connect

The next best way to execute travel and tourism marketing strategies is by engaging with your audience. This means utilizing social media to not only advertise but to connect with customers. Building a social media marketing strategy is a great way to increase your audience. Create buzz around your business with online campaigns, social media videos, and by interacting with followers.

But wait there’s more! Social media platforms are the perfect spot to share short videos of your business. Epic knows just how to craft the perfect social media marketing videos to show personality and increase followers. From restaurant marketing strategies, to hotels and more, we are here to help.

travel and tourism marketing strategies

More Travel and Tourism Marketing Strategies

As we know, every business is different. There are so many aspects to the tourism and travel industry which makes the marketing a fun challenge. Luckily, the Epic team has experience all across the map. Watch more of our hospitality videos and get a glimpse of the professional video production that makes us one of the top production companies in Arizona. Give us a call and we’ll get started on a completely customized marketing plan just for you!