Top Three Video Marketing Trends For 2019

Let’s discuss all the potential of 2019 video marketing trends. If there were ever a year to pull the trigger for a video campaign, this is the year! Luckily, our video production services are here to accommodate the increased use and success of video marketing. Whether you place it on your website, use it for social media and advertising purposes, or grow your YouTube channel, video content will only better your online marketing strategy and work in your favor in 2019.

of online activity is spent watching video
of online marketers use video content
of Twitter users watch video content

Let’s dive into the top 2019 video marketing trends! Video marketing is a fun, effective way to answer the questions your audience may have. Not only that, but video production is favored by Google and is a great way to increase your website’s ranking. Most importantly, video content is engaging and gets your message across much quicker than text. Video campaigning is the future of content marketing, which explains why it will continue to dominate online campaign initiatives.

Go Live

Notifications are sent directly to followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube when you go live. Be personable and chat directly with your followers.

360º Video

Join the fun! Learn how to create your very own 360 video. Captivating an audience reaches a whole new level with 360!

Animated Videos

Explainers, whiteboards, and other animated videos offer information in a fun and clear way. Animation videos allow you to get as creative as possible, so don’t hold back!

Ultimately, your business will rule the marketing game in 2019 with these video marketing trends and techniques. They allow you to speak the language of your customers and stay ahead of the competition. In addition, digital video marketing costs are much less compared to traditional advertising. In fact, the average cost per 1,000 impressions is what leads to a clear cost-effective campaign strategy for your business. So, let 2019 be your best year yet with Epic here to help you and your business along the way!

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