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The Video Production Process Explained

One question that is extremely popular amongst those looking for video production services is what the video production process is like. Simply put, the stages of video production is different depending on which video agency you hire. The most important part of the video content production process should be how easy and organized it is for you and your team. Creating a new corporate video, animated video, product video, or any marketing video you are seeking for your organization should be an exciting and well-defined process. That’s exactly how our team packages video production services.

At Epic, we take all the hassle and busy work off your hands providing your team with a stress-free experience. From the initial concept meeting to delivering the final video product, every step is mapped out to meet certain goals. Creating video content is a creative and imaginative process and our goal is to bring your vision to life as efficiently as possible.

Video Production Process At A Glance…


It all starts with an idea! What’s the goal of making the video?


The details matter. Here we plan out every detail about the video shoot.


Break out the lights, camera, and ACTION! it’s time to film.


Back to the office, we edit the videos for the best cuts and colors.

Final Product

The final product is here, so now it’s time to get eyes on it.

Video Production Process Explained

1. Concept

First things first, what’s the purpose of your video production project? We like to call this the discovery phase and it’s a crucial video production process step where we team up and decide the best approach to reach your goals.

In this step, every little detail is discussed. The goal is to make sure our team 100% understands your vision. Additionally, it’s an ideal time to bring any questions to the table regarding potential ideas and how they can be executed.

We offer many types of videos and video production services, from animation to testimonial videos and much more. So, at this point, we decide on the types of videos, the concept of the content and how to portray your message as captivating as possible through visuals. Come to us with a seed and we’ll help it blossom!

video production process

2. Pre-Production

In pre-production, we get everything squared away before filming to ensure quality and efficiency for your video production shoot. We coordinate with your team to find the best time, place, and people to film.

Part of this process is also preparing the script so we know exactly what will go on, frame by frame in your video allowing us to create a shoot schedule. We also account for any props needed, extras on set, what lighting works best and everything else you could imagine. We come as prepared as possible, so when filming day comes, our team can put 150% into getting the perfect shots.

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3. Production

This is the fun part! Producing is the filming and recording of everything discussed in video production steps one and two. The video creation process is at its peak as we capture your content and bring your vision to life. Using all owned, top of the line equipment, we ensure the highest quality of filming.

All hands are on deck here, and we’re able to see everything come together. Following the organized shoot schedule, you know exactly what is being shot at exactly what time. Whether it’s in the studio or out on location, we make sure we get the perfect shot. Go behind the scenes with us and get a glimpse of what it’s like on set!

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4. Post-Production

Once step three is finished and we have collected all of the raw footage, let the post-production process begin! In this video production phase, our team works together to begin editing a draft of your new video project. All of the tech terms that will grab your audience’s attention from B-roll, color correction, to cutaways and cross-cuts, etc. These are all vital factors in the editing process of your video.

We also have an amazing in-house Art Department. From on-screen logos and graphics to animation, their talent adds in all finishing touches. To keep the quality and brand of product, our Art team works closely with our producers to put the icing on the cake of your video.

5. The Final Product

And just like that, the video production process is complete! The final products are yours to share with the world. You are the owners of all the raw footage as well as the edited final product. Post on your website, share on social media and start building traction and generating quality views!

The best way to get quality views, you ask? Strategizing a digital marketing plan that takes your video and targets your customers online with segmented audiences is how. Whether it’s Google ads, YouTube or social media, we want to make sure your video gets seen. This step in the video production process is crucial to get the most bang for your buck on your project!

There you have it: the video production process. The overall video content production process doesn’t have to be complicated with the right video production team. Epic Productions is unique as we oversee all aspects throughout the film production process, from conception to execution. Plus, everything is handled in-house to ensure the highest quality possible. Ready for a smooth sailing video production process on your next film project?

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