A product introduction video that includes animated graphics displays a product or service in a way that no text has the capacity of doing. Product videos are the perfect tool for explaining a service or product to your audience or potential buyers. In addition, a web video like this is also ideal for informing new staff during the training process. Producing training videos that help explain your product or service is important for your overall business success and cohesiveness.

Creating two videos for Goldmine explaining their CRM system came full circle with on-screen talent and solid graphics. Their CRM needed online web videos to help get their message across to users. Each video has a purpose. The shorter product introduction video gives viewers and potential buyers a quick look at the new product or service. This 30-second video is also a great tool for online advertising and social media channels. Longer duration videos make for great landing page content while potentially increasing conversion rates by 80%.

Producing video content that is the perfect representation of your brand is our mission. We work closely with clients to create a finished product they will be proud of and is in line with their business goals. Video production is not a one size fit all service and needs a unique approach that caters your specific business needs. From the beginning stages of the video production process to placing your videos on online, we can help with all stages of your marketing efforts.

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