Recruiting new employees is no easy feat, but with social media recruitment videos, it gets a little easier. With so many recruitment strategies out there, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Online recruiting strategies allow any industry to target their audience and increase applications. Through social media recruitment videos and a strategic digital marketing plan, recruiting employees has never been easier. But don’t worry, if you’re not sure what a social media recruiting strategy looks like, keep reading and we’ll take a look at our recent work with Hayward Police Department!

Social Media Recruitment Videos

It’s common for law enforcement agencies, in particular, to struggle with candidate recruitment. Due to this, when working with Hayward PD, our focus was on showing the team culture and camaraderie. The social media recruitment strategy was to show a lighthearted side of their agency which proves that it’s not only a great place to work but you can have a little fun too. Plus, these short and fun videos can quickly catch the eyes of viewers and drive more people to your website.

By incorporating humor into their social media recruiting strategy, we were able to show the many sides of Hayward’s Department and those who currently work there. Creating videos like this are ideal for social media marketing and advertising because this is the type of content that resonates with viewers on these platforms. The best performing videos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are those that are short and entertaining. We like to call these types of social media ads “bite-sized” video content. Perfect for sharing, these ads quickly spread throughout the community and shed a fun light on the Department.

Police Recruitment Videos

Once you drive viewers to your website, you want to have an impressive landing page. The best way to keep them on your landing page for longer is including an overview video of your Department. The awesome thing about having one long overview video is that it can be chopped into smaller social media videos to use down the line. Website recruiting videos give potential applicants a glimpse into what it’s like working with your company. This video showcases the camaraderie within the Department and gives an idea of what it’s like to not only work for the Department, but live in the city too.

Additionally, we built out online marketing campaigns and a new recruiting website¬†both utilizing this video. This was the icing on the cake! Recruiting websites hidden under links of the city’s homepage hinders your success. From social media, to video and websites, we did it all. This made a full online recruiting package that increased recruits significantly, the perfect example of a social media recruiting campaign.

Targeted Police Videos

Not only did we increase views and clicks to the recruiting site, but we targeted specific demographics as well. With the goal of increasing diversity in their Department, this video highlights a female perspective from Sgt. Libier Ledezma. We focused on creating unique video content that’s tailored specifically for hiring female officers.

Additionally, with this video, we created several 15 second vertical videos for promotion on Instagram stories and YouTube ads. The best way to reach your audience is creating content specifically designed for your target audience.

Part of showing authenticity in recruiting videos is involving the staff and community. Therefore, Officer Julian Cosgriff, was the star of some of the recruiting videos and social media marketing. Sharing his personal perspective and relationship with the community gives a genuine touch on these recruitment videos. Plus, involving the team in the filming process makes for a fun time!

The video shown here is targeted specifically to the community of Hayward, California. Officer Cosgriff talks about living in the community and how rewarding it is to serve the same people he grew up with. Not only that, he was also able to speak on the many opportunities the Department has to offer.


Epic Productions is a full service video production company, which means everything from start to finish is handled in-house. This means your online recruiting strategy is branded consistently throughout multiple platforms. With experience in industries of all sorts, Epic can create the social media recruitment plan perfect for your company. Give us a call to chat about your goals and how Epic Productions can help!