What better way to promote your credit union than with a video campaign series? Liven up your TV advertising with a series that catches the eyes of viewers. There are so many benefits to video marketing campaigns, your reach is practically endless. The best way to build a video campaign series is through consistent, on brand and entertaining content.

With Arizona Federal Credit Union, a long time client of ours, we created this TV commercial production. Starring the football legend Kurt Warner, this local TV ad campaign saw great success. Credit Union advertising is one of our many video production services, and this video campaign was especially fun.

Video Campaign Featuring Kurt Warner

This video advertising series of credit card commercials focuses on the launch of their program, PLUs. This service gives members a chance to receive a share of the proceeds when the credit union does well, ultimately getting cash for participating in their cooperative.

So in this TV and online advertising campaign, you’ll see credit union members having Kurt Warner participate in some tasks out of his comfort zone. They are able to experience this all from their payback benefits from Arizona Federal. Each TV commercial provokes a laugh or two from viewers as Warner catches himself in funny situations. While our main goal of the video campaign was to showcase the amazing benefits Arizona Federal has to offer, it’s always valuable to have an entertaining aspect. As an experienced video production company, our specialty is combining story telling with effective digital marketing strategy.

In addition to filming these commercial spots, we also strategically placed these spots on live television. Targeting the sports fan demographic, we placed their new campaign on the NBC channel during regular season football games as well as on Hulu. Televised football has officially taken the cake for America’s favorite sport which works in our favor as we decided to target those tuned in and watching, about 18.6 million people. At Epic Productions, we come straight from the broadcast realm and know what it takes to make a great television commercial stand out amongst the rest. Plus, we have digital marketing experts ready to place your videos on social media and mobile ads.

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