Epic Productions offers a diverse range of digital marketing services. Each online campaign is strategized prior to launching on highly consumed platforms including; Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and more. Like top advertising agencies, Epic quickly gravitated towards online marketing and social media advertising. Our digital marketing services are custom tailored to each client and their goals within their budget. Online marketing has become a vital part of what we do and the direction most clients are headed. The continued success of our digital marketing services has allowed us to expand our digital team and excel quality. The process begins with our design team custom crafting top-notch content. Then, it’s strategically placed online by our digital marketing team, therefore generating results projected within the budget you determined. Lastly, each month reporting is shared where key point indicators are identified and ROI is maximized.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Do you want your website listed at the top of every search engine? We can get you there. Learn more about Search Engine Marketing and how it works.

Video Display & YouTube Advertising

Video content is the most effective marketing trend. Our production and creative team can create any type of video made to order.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, WAZE, SnapChat, and LinkedIn, we have it covered! Crafting monthly reports to guide and maximize ROI.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Be there when your customers are searching for you. Not only can we create Epic websites, but we can also get them immediately ranking across search engines.

Website Design & Development

Visitors form an opinion on a webpage in nearly half a second, so let’s make a good impression! Epic will design an engaging and mobile-friendly site.

Online Reputation Management

Brand management is a full-time job, one bad review can tarnish years of hard work. Let us build and maintain your success through effective online reputation management.