The Do’s and Don’ts of Corporate Video Production

At Epic Productions our team understands that storytelling is essential when marketing your product or service. That’s why we specialize in producing the highest quality corporate videos that capture your audience’s attention and deliver the message you want to get across. From customer journey videos to animation and 360-degree technology, we can create a video that suits whatever brand you wish to present with our unique techniques. While traditional methods used to be the only way to reach your target consumer, today’s digital era calls for more creative solutions.

With our help, you can connect with your consumers meaningfully. After years of experience, we have accurately identified the dos and don’ts of corporate video marketing detailed in this blog.

The Do’s of corporate video marketing

In corporate video marketing, your business video content only has a few seconds to make an impact, internally or externally. While there’s no surefire way to create the perfect video content, some traits can be applied to ensure viewers know your content is worth watching. Building off big-picture suggestions is a great place to start since this will allow you to customize them for your unique audience. Video tones should reflect your industry, showcase the benefits of your brand, and offer plenty of personality and life beyond stale facts.

1. DO take advantage of animated corporate video

Animated corporate videos are beneficial for creating compelling and persuasive video that appeals to viewers. Animated video for corporate purposes uses a combination of motion graphics, animation techniques, and clever storytelling; these videos make for a captivating way to explain products and services. Many industries are taking advantage of this art form, including:

– Financial industries
– Medical companies
– Higher education institutions
– Fortune-500 companies
– Small businesses

Additionally, this technique is applicable for various types of productions such as marketing and sales videos, explainer videos, training videos, or e-learning ones.

2. DO showcase authenticity and transparency

Authenticity and brand transparency are essential components that viewers expect to experience on social media and corporate videos today. Consumers are overwhelmed with content and have become savvy at spotting falseness in range within seconds, so providing a dose of reality in your videos is key to keeping viewers engaged. Brands should incorporate casual, on-the-fly content in their video marketing strategy that doesn’t focus too much on high production values to ensure their audience finds the videos more relatable.

Additionally, consider showing both the positives and negatives of your business that reveal the truth and provide viewers with an opportunity for growth and development. Doing this will ensure you remain “on your audience’s good side,” as authenticity is critical when creating digital content.

3. DO show off your best assets

Corporate video production is a powerful tool for showing your team’s internal assets. From vibrant company profile videos that offer an overview of your services or products to candid staff interviews that give an intimate look at the faces behind the organization – there are countless ways to use videos to showcase what makes your company unique.

While corporate biography videos or CEO messages can be great for introducing viewers to the brand and its purpose, nothing quite captures the heart of a business like seeing firsthand who makes it work. Let people meet your team through video if you want potential consumers and stakeholders to engage with your company more meaningfully.

The Don’ts of corporate video

Corporate video production requires expertise and experience to ensure a positive outcome. Knowing what practices to avoid is just as important as understanding the dos of a successful video. You may be wondering what the don’ts are in corporate video production. To help you explore the topic further, here is a list of things that should be avoided whenever possible:

– Making sure your visuals are clear.
– Avoiding overlong videos.
– Being careful with sound quality.
– Refraining from generic stock footage.
– Tailoring visuals to ensure they are relevant to the intended audience.
– Staying away from unnecessary text and motion graphics.
– Constantly rehearsing until delivery runs smoothly every time.

Knowledge of these don’t’s will enable you to make a meaningful corporate video for companies.

Call Epic Productions to produce a high-quality corporate video you’ll love

As technology advances, so do the ways we consume information. Videos are easy for audiences to digest content quickly while still receiving essential information about what they are interested in exploring or producing. Epic Productions provides the following services for our clients:

– Top corporate video trends
– Customer testimonials
– Animation videos
– Customer journeys
– 360-degree video
– Short-form videos for social media
….and more

When done correctly with the help of Epic Productions, animated corporate videos prove their versatility as they can be professional yet entertaining at the same time while conveying informative content in an easily digestible manner. Unsurprisingly, this kind of video presentation continues to be popular among corporations looking for an effective way to communicate their ideas.

Whether you are a large or small company, incorporate corporate video into your marketing strategy today to sell your products or services and engage with current and potential customers on a deeper level.

Contact us today to get started on planning and shooting your high-quality corporate video that will wow your audience and solidifies sales.

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