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7 Animated Video Examples to Sell Your Services or Products

Searching for a new and innovative way to tell your story, sell your products, or explain your services? Animation gives you the opportunity to take complex topics and describe them in a fun fashion. Animated explainer videos provide an amazing result when it comes to showing viewers’ problems and immediately offering solutions. With the eye-catching visuals, snappy animations, and narrative audio, putting your idea into animation will engage and keep viewers watching.

With so many different types of videos to choose from, and even more options when it comes to animation, understanding why it’s beneficial for your unique industry, product, or service might be a challenge. In this blog, we highlight seven animated video examples to help with your marketing strategy. No matter what your goals and objectives are, they can be accomplished with animation.

7 Animated Video Examples

2D Recycle Program Explainer

In this 2D animation explainer video, Trex was looking for a solution to efficiently walk users through their recycling program. With 2D animation, it’s easy to captivate an audience due to the many layers of animation providing a real and engaging video.

As this type of animation video is common and one of the most popular, using it to showcase the step by step process of new programs or processes helps in educating current or new customers.

Animated Software Explainer

What is more complicated than explaining what your tech or software company can do for other businesses? Having an animated software explainer video that quickly covers your offerings while keeping viewers locked in is key to winning business and closing deals.

In this video specifically, Quorum highlights their storage recovery product which is essential as a large organization operating with important data that would be detrimental to lose. This informative animation delivers key points of the product in seconds while staying on brand and keeping viewers attached.

3D Medical Device Animation

Taking a complex product like a medical device and coming up with a marketing strategy needs an outside of the box approach. Well, with the help of computer technology, 3D medical animation can cover the most ground and make the biggest impact. Creating virtual 3D medical models to showcase in animation videos not only perfectly explains the use and capabilities of the product, it does so in a way that is quality and unique.

Vyaire Medical, a leading medical device company, needed a medical device explainer video that captured their vision. Visualizing the products and procedures of their prototype takes a video, like this, to allow their customers to experience the product in (almost) real life.

Employee Onboarding Animation

Drivetime was searching for a video that they could share with those who work for them. Not only current employees but during the onboarding process for newcomers as well. Utilizing animation videos for employee onboarding and training is ideal because it shows just how much you care for your staff. Not only that, it helps put your employees at ease knowing they can digest this new information as they are changing paths in their careers.

Animated marketing videos is the best way to engage and excite new staff. It’s a fresh and innovative way to communicate with new employees.

3D Management Software Explainer

What is 3D animation? Well, 3D animation is a three-dimensional animated video, meaning that there is a level of depth perception. 3D animation is advantageous because it offers a more precise view of your product or service; your clients will be able to see every detail, from every angle. Videos with 3D animation are usually shorter, which will benefit your target’s attention span and your budget!

Because of the complexity 3D animation offers, your advertising video will be able to showcase movement more accurately while appearing more modern and elaborate. Just like this 3D management software explainer video for Execute to Win. Every little detail in this animation shines, helping businesses and organizations alike better understand their offerings.

Whiteboard Explainer Animation

Whiteboard animation video, also known as drawing board animation, is a viable option to consider when deciding how to market your product or service. Its simplicity provides a casual tone while still remaining visual, informative, and professional. Now, how does whiteboard animation work to your advantage? Drawing board animation is a fun way to explain complex ideas, because information and simple graphics can be drawn to capture your audience.

In this whiteboard explainer animation for Pima Federal Credit Union, it breaks down the loan process for their members. More than just an explainer video, it paints the picture for their customers helping them better digest their services.

Motion Graphics Corporate Video

This motion graphics corporate video is the perfect example of how animation can be used for any industry, product, or service. In this animated video example for Tripz, you are put in the shoes of a vacation goer looking for options while they travel. With the illusion of quick motion and animated characters combined with audio and a unique story, this corporate motion graphics perfectly captures the style Tripz was looking for.

Really, we’ve only scratched the surface for the many different types of animation videos. Animated video production can be used in all marketing strategies and it provides a creative asset to your existing content. Whether it’s any of the animation examples above or something we didn’t mention, your idea can be brought to life via motion graphics and animated video content.

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