different types of instructional videos

Different Types of Instructional Videos for your Business

How do you learn best? Whether it’s a new software, a product you’re about to buy or being trained at work, an instructional video is probably your answer. Instructional videos are one of the best ways to transfer information to viewers. Almost any product or service can benefit from video production services, but how do you choose what will work best?

Choosing an instructional video for your business all starts with identifying the purpose of the video. The goal of an instructional video is to ensure a frictionless customer journey, and ideally increasing sales. Let’s dive into the different types of instructional videos and how to choose which is best for your business needs.

What is an Instructional Video?

Simply put, it instructs! An instructional video is visual content that transfers knowledge to its viewers. This could mean explaining a product, service, process, and so on. These can be animated videos, corporate videos or a demonstration of some sort. The bottom line is that an instructional video is meant to make things simple!

Different Types of Instructional Videos

The thing about instructional videos is that there is no right or wrong way to produce one. As an experienced video production company, we have seen and heard it all. From tutorials and how-to videos to explainer and product demo videos, many clients are all looking for the same outcome, a video that will effectively guide their customers through a specific process.

Educational Training Videos

Product Demos

Onboarding Videos

Explainer Videos

How Can Your Industry Use Instructional Videos?

Instructional videos are so versatile that almost any industry can benefit from them. You might think at first that instructional videos are just for plain instructions or how to put a new vacuum together. In actuality, instructional videos can enhance the customer experience for just about any product or service. It is a way to show an up close and personal look at your business.


Whether it’s an app or a new software, easily explain to customers its features and the process of setting it up and using it. Tech talk isn’t easy for everyone, so use video to improve retention!


Have a new and unique product? Don’t leave customers guessing. Show of details and benefits in a high quality video placed on your landing page.


The finance industry has many opportunities to help customers. Financial services can be stressful or confusing to customers. Use video to ease the process and better explain your business.


Have new employees that need on boarding? Instructional videos can be used internally for training in a corporate setting.

More Examples of Instructional Videos


Tripz.com is a travel advertising platform that prides itself on open communication and direct bookings with homeowners who are renting their vacation properties. Due to the saturated market, they needed an animated explainer video production that effectively walked consumers through the process with ease. Not only that but instructed vacation-goers how to use their platform online.


Unique Building Concepts, UBC for short, has a creative retail process to ensure customers are able to customize their home materials. Due to this, an animated instructional video was ideal for training salespeople across the country. This way, employees and companies who are using them as a distributor have a full understanding of how to sell their products.


Vyaire, a medical device company who manufactures and markets more than 27,000 unique products, needed a medical device explainer video to help explain their new medical product. Product videos help educate and provide valuable information about a product and how it operates.

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